Exhibition Design and Construction Details

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A successful exhibition can not only bring benefits to the company, but also show the company's image and strength. Therefore, to improve the quality of the exhibition, exhibition design and booth layout is a crucial link, but also the primary process to achieve successful exhibition. Previous exhibitors, there are many companies pay less attention to the design of exhibition booths or exhibitors lack of experience, the company only attaches importance to the quality of exhibition, ignoring the internal layout of the booth and other phenomena. Some booths are stacked randomly in the booth, such as the floor booth, which makes the exhibits content good, but from the overall view of the booth, it is still dim and dull, affecting the company's image and trade transactions, which is incalculable for the loss of exhibitors. So, what aspects should exhibitors pay attention to?

First, according to the company's own booth area, grasp the quantity and quality of exhibits, not too much, or give a sense of crowding; of course, not too little, give a sense of emptiness.Exhibition hall design

Secondly, we should pay attention to the exhibition work and pay close attention to the nails in the exhibition booth. The wall should not be disorderly ordered hanging, such as decoration treatment should be prepared in the exhibition, so that everywhere there is accountability, everything is ready, no scars, no marks. To achieve the combination of points, lines and surfaces, the exhibits should be placed in a specific design position, so that the ups and downs, scattered, clear hierarchy.Exhibition hall design

Thirdly, improve the quality of exhibitors, take the design of exhibition stand seriously, pay attention to the effect, reflect the level, and strive to develop the layout of exhibits from the past to the present.

Fourthly, it is suggested that exhibitors prepare 2 or 3 Wallpapers (paintings) which can reflect your products and scale according to the size of international standard booths when preparing exhibits. At the same time, they should prepare in advance how to arrange wallpapers on the walls, such as related hooks.


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