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"Science and Technology Platform" Skills, in-depth application of interpretation technology

Three consecutive reserved programs, Science and Technology Platform, will be held from May 21 to 23. It is reported that this session of the "science and technology platform" issues more in-depth application industry and highlight the practicability and high-end. The event not only focuses on exposing major technological breakthroughs of participating enterprises and elite enterprises in the industry, but also provides a platform for professional buyers to quickly understand the industry dynamics.

Through the form of open forum, activities will converge on the highlights of the exhibition, display the latest and hottest product technology to the rubber and plastic industry, and focus more clearly on the cutting-edge application solutions of plastics technology in the automotive, electronic and electrical, construction, packaging and other industries. Theme units have also been expanded and refined, and 11 thematic units have been introduced, including new energy vehicles, automotive thermoplastic elastomers, 3D printing, bioplastics, composite materials, anti-bacterial programs, in-mold labeling, precision extrusion molding, green building solutions, wearable electronic plastics, long fiber injection moulding, etc.

"Medical plastic sink" embraces high-end areas

The medical plastics market continues to grow at a high speed, and more and more exhibitors are devoting themselves to the medical field with great potential and high value. "CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" is the trump card event of "Medical Plastics Hui". In the past four years, it has actively promoted medical grade chemical raw materials and equipment, created an efficient communication platform for medical equipment, consumables and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers, and highlighted the unique medical plastic technology of many exhibitors to potential buyers, so as to make the exhibition more effective than its peers.

"Medical plastic sink" consists of "open forum", "product exhibition", "medical plastic guide" and "guided group". The event will increase the sharing or display of high-end market technologies such as 3D printing and pharmaceutical packaging. The Open Forum has won high reputation. The industry reflects that one year is better than one year. After studying the market needs, the organizer has prepared many hot topics for the Open Forum on Medical Plastics in 2019, including medical color masterbatch, biocompatible materials, Disinfectant-resistant materials, automatic packaging equipment, high precision injection molding, sterile packaging technology, 3D printing and medical replication. Bag closing, ultrasonic welding, hot runner, cold runner, etc.

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