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"Plastic Recycling and Recycling Economy Forum and Exhibition" debuted

"Abolition Ban" and "Plastic Ban" have been promulgated one after another, as well as policies to promote the development of renewable resources industry frequently landed, sounding the charge of environmental protection and sustainable development. In the new era of circular economy, China attaches great importance to the development of renewable resources industry. Recycling and regeneration technology is also constantly innovating, and the industry is showing a vigorous trend. In 2019, under the trend of world resource saving, how to promote business and what role plastics play in sustainable development? Focusing on the focus of attention of industry people, "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" jointly with "CPRJ China Plastic Rubber" magazine, held a "Forum and Exhibition on Plastic Recycling and Recycling Economy" in Guangzhou on May 20, 2019 (the day before the opening of the exhibition). "

Really listen, really look, really feel, through the "Industrial 4.0 Future Factory" experience

How to speed up the landing of the industrial 4.0 storm sweeping the world? Want to see for yourself how manufacturing plants will operate in the future? How to solve the practical problems encountered by our own enterprises? Those in the industry who have these doubts may as well visit the "Industrial 4.0 Future Factory" held during the exhibition and touch the heat of industrial 4.0 closely.

The event was built by IPlast 4.0 Homo sapiens Intelligent Innovation Center, EUROMAP and VDMA, which are the backbone of the exhibition organizers in the field of industrial 4.0. Unlike the previous conference mode, in order to let the audience get a good insight into the true face of "Industrial 4.0 Future Factory", the event will set up two theme exhibition areas on the exhibition site to show the intelligent solution of landing: "Homo sapiens intelligent control room" and "intelligent factory". The "Homo sapiens Intelligent Manufactory General Control Room" located on the exterior platform of 4.2 Pavilion on the second floor of Area A of the Exhibition Hall will demonstrate the running data record of the exhibition site machine and the intelligent factory located at the remote site through large screen live broadcasting, while the "intelligent factory" located at the 4.2D01 exhibition platform of the Intelligent Equipment Special Zone will simulate the production environment of the future manufacturing industry, which is in a less-manned production mode, with engineers and engineers. How will the master control room use data to communicate?

Audiences can see 15 simulated scenarios covering production, management and supply chain analysis, including "shift handover", "KPI monitoring of multiple production sites" and "material traceability". In addition, enterprises can also diagnose the completeness of online version industry 4.0. Operators can diagnose the skills of online version intelligent craftsmen, and really understand their own 4.0 process, industrial 4.0 and the practical benefits of digitization.

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