Excellent exhibition design

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Excellent exhibition design

A good exhibition design will also add color to the exhibition site, so what is the evaluation criterion for a good exhibition design?

First, integrity specification

Integration and consistency are the primary norms of exhibition art. The shape is the same, the color is the same, the craft is the same, the style is the same. In summary, excellent design is very clear in the order of artistic methods.

Second, inventive norms

Exhibition DesignThe ultimate purpose of any artistic activity is to invent. Invention is the chief feature of the new century. The inventiveness of exhibition design is mainly embodied in the novelty of conception and the originality of artistic image.

This common image gives impact, deterrence and influence to people. It is unforgettable to make full use of the most useful shopping mall, complete the most useful image transmission, and become the most marketing booth. This invention involves the positioning of the method, the fantasy of space, the selection of data, the unique structure, the processing of color, and the novelty of the method.

Third, the norms of the times

At the same time, it can be called conceptual norm. The concept of the times permeates every art cell of exhibition design. In today's world, exhibition design should embody the following concepts: new comprehensive concept, humanistic concept, space-time concept, ecological concept, system concept, information concept, high-tech concept, etc. In detail, we should pay attention to the following five aspects:

1. Openness, fluidity, plasticity and organic of space environment. Give people freedom, give people intimacy, let people feel, know, can be free in revenue and expenditure, watch and communicate.

2. Standards for completing the information of exhibits. Strictly enforce the requirement of less and more refinement.

3. Complete the unified color function of "interactive reverberation" of inherent color, and pay attention to the application of non-color series.

4. Choose new products, materials, structures, skills and processes as much as possible. Active use of modern photoelectric transmission skills, modern screen mapping skills, modern artificial intelligence skills and other high-tech practical role.

5. Pay attention to the application of free curve and free surface of software data, and seek the organic function of exhibition environment.

Fourth, professional norms

It can also be called functional specification. First of all, we should focus on the consistency of methods and contents. The booth design of "metallurgical" industry can not be the same as that of "daily chemical" industry.

Fifth, Cultural Norms

The design should have a prominent style and taste, and the regional and national cultural traditions should be naturally reflected. It reflects the rooted characteristics of the development under the inheritance of prehistory.

Sixth, Environmental Norms

Here bread has two meanings. One is that any objective existence of beauty is in a specific environment, and a good design must be the product after abundant discussion of the "neighborhood" and the surrounding environment. It is necessary to achieve "mutual benefit" with the environment in the method. Secondly, any good design will not form environmental pollution, and must meet the requirements of the basic national policy of "sustainable development".

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Exhibition Design

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