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Some exhibition hall Designers'professional skills are indeed very deep, undeniable. However, the content of each exhibition hall is different, and the aesthetic appreciation of the audience varies greatly. The preferences of the exhibitors are quite different, which dooms that the proud work may not be the most suitable one. If you use the national art style, the European and American style needed by the design of Shanghai Art Exhibition is that the bull's head is not the horse's mouth. Local folk trade exhibitions need "local" flavor, the same reason, if you blindly use the European and American flavor of the exhibition hall design, it must also be a failure.

No matter how wonderful the design of the exhibition hall is, the aesthetic preferences of the exhibitors are elegant and simple. If you don't pay attention to the communication with the customers, the customers will fail to pass the barrier first. Moreover, if the exhibition hall design can not cater to the audience most widely, and can not achieve the expected results, and the aesthetic level of the audience is very different, it will lose the necessity and value of the exhibition hall design.

Step 1: Understanding the exhibitors in an all-round way

Before each design, collect basic information (age, education, occupation, hobbies, etc.) and then sort out the common aesthetic attributes of most people, so that we can have a good idea of how to design the exhibition hall.

The second step is to study the theme of the exhibition hall.

Sum up the appropriate design style of exhibition hall, and introduce the design idea of exhibition hall to users in detail.

Step 3: Communicate actively with customers.

This is an unavoidable reality. Exhibition hall designers should try their best to persuade customers to change their personal prejudices. Customers will unconsciously bring their own aesthetic preferences when reviewing design works. Exhibition hall designers should try their best to meet the aesthetic needs of audience, which is necessary to maximize the value of exhibition hall design.

Communication is the basic means, in order to achieve the full effect of the exhibition hall design, in addition to the professional level of the exhibition hall designers, but also can not do without the full understanding of the design drawings of the exhibition hall designers.

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Exhibition hall design with European and American flavor

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