How to Achieve the Best Exhibition Effect

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People's psychology is like this, eye-catching things will always look at first, and then more eyes, exhibition hall design is no exception. In many exhibition halls, how to achieve the best effect?

one. Unique Exhibition Hall Design

It mainly embodies its uniqueness and distinctiveness in the layout of the exhibition, as well as the effect it produces. Exhibition is a kind of art, which is full of variety, colorful and distinctive. Therefore, in the design and production of the exhibition, if you want to attract people's attention and achieve the purpose of impressing people, you must pay attention to the novelty, uniqueness and distinctiveness of the design and production. This requires daring to break the rules and innovate.

These principles should be adhered to in order to show the effect of exhibition hall design and establish the main body position.

1. Persist in being different and take a new road of your own.

2. Unique sculpt, striving to be superior to others;

3. To seize the advantageous position and display its core;

4. Use modern new materials to create a brand new image.

two. Exhibition hall design, all-round publicity

An exhibition is not only a good opportunity to show the products of enterprises to consumers, but also an excellent opportunity to introduce enterprises, publicize enterprises and display the image of enterprises or groups. At the same time, propaganda and public relations are very important. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the following problems:

1. Make preparations for propaganda, and cooperate with local TV newspapers to make propaganda reports. If conditions permit, organize a press conference and draw up a detailed publicity plan. In the period of time before and after the exhibition, it is better to conduct advertisement publicity in an orderly manner in the form of soft advertisement.

2. Send invitations in advance to all the businessmen and principal local agents participating in the exhibition, as well as relevant departments such as news media, industry and commerce, taxation and administrative organs. Hold 1-2 friendship meetings before or after the opening of the exhibition. In addition, the hotels and hotels where the main clients of the exhibition live should also display the corresponding propaganda content, such as the signs in the hall, welcome banners, room distribution propaganda materials, fruits, etc. should be considered as carefully as possible.

3. Prepare adequate publicity materials. Including: enterprise introduction, regional or group introduction, publicity materials and posters on exhibition participation, giving gifts to key customers and visitors in the exhibition.

4. Establish a good coordination relationship with the local government and the leaders of the provincial and National Organizing Committees co-sponsored and sponsored. In particular, the leaders of the organizing committee responsible for the whole exhibition should actively seek their opinions and report to them for their support and help. This will solve many practical problems.

5. Do a good job of setting off the atmosphere. In medium-sized and large-scale exhibitions, in order to foil the atmosphere, expand influence and attract people's attention, timely pan drum team, air show, military orchestra, disco, singing and dancing performance, as well as Yangko team are also necessary, but it is necessary to show the image signs of enterprises or groups in clothing and presentation and external aspects, so as to let people know at a glance that it is organized by a certain enterprise or unit. But during this period, it can not be fixed in a certain place. Besides the activities before and after the booth, it can also travel and propagate.

6. Off-site display. In order to cooperate with the internal display and achieve the effect of internal echo and external echo, it is also possible to arrange certain outdoor exhibitions in the square in front of the exhibition venue and on the avenue that people must pass through. These outdoor exhibitions include: first, the choice of forms, such as arches, big balloons, large cloths, light boxes, street signs, small flags, and creative modelling works with very peculiar shapes, such as "Great Wall Gateway Tower", "Nine Tenglong Dragons", "Aircraft Submarine" on display at Chengdu National Sugar and Wine Fair; second, the choice of display places, such as busy downtown areas in streets, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, stations, etc. High-rise buildings and main avenues around square, bridge head and Exhibition ground. If it is food, it is necessary to organize tasting and gift-giving activities and prepare appropriate facilities or consultation books.

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