How to Improve the Effect of Exhibition

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What is the purpose of the exhibition? Needless to say, everyone understands. In order to ensure the best effect of the exhibition, the exhibition designers suggest that the exhibitors should pay attention to these three points:

I. Human Relations

It mainly refers to all kinds of related households and relatives related to the participating enterprises or units. At the critical moment, it also needs certain human investment, such as inviting guests and giving gifts, giving souvenirs, organizing tourism and so on. In a word, we should try our best to satisfy these users.

II. Highlights Advertising Layout

Whether it is the layout of the exhibition hall, outdoor advertising or some aspects of soft advertising, we should strive to create 1-2 "bright spots", which means that the exhibition or outdoor exhibition achieves distinctive, surprising victory, or news hot spots created in soft advertising.


1. Before the exhibition, the preparatory work before the exhibition should be well prepared, such as how to invest the funds for the exhibition, how to do the best things with the least money, what are the best things to do, and what criteria are the most suitable for the scale of the exhibition; the design of the exhibition hall, which form is the latest, and whether it can create a better form; the number of exhibitors, what items and materials are prepared; How to arrange, how to entertain activities, etc., we must do a good job of the plan one by one, in the process of exhibition, the implementation of the contrast.

2. During the exhibition, we should summarize the situation of the activities, how to collect information, how to achieve the effect, what has been done, what has not been done, and whether the expected effect has been achieved. In addition to the summary of the day, the activities should also be summarized at the end of the day. If necessary, we should also carry out demonstration and evaluation. Give scientific evaluation, it is more conducive to the next exhibition strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations must be quantified, scientific and accurate.

Exhibition design

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