Key Points of Success in Exhibition

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Exhibition is a very complex system engineering. In order to succeed in the exhibition, exhibitors must do a good job in all aspects. From planning, market research, exhibition booth selection, exhibit collection, customs declaration and transportation, invitation of merchants, exhibition venue layout, exhibition hall design, advertising, personnel selection and training, pre-and post-conference activities arrangement, organization of transactions, until the return of exhibits, etc., are interrelated and interactional organic whole. The results of each work will affect the effect of the whole exhibition, and the lack or failure of each work will affect the success or failure of the whole exhibition. Grasp the key points and do a good job in every link.

1. Choosing the exhibition well, we should mainly consider two factors.

One is the purpose of the exhibition; clear the purpose of the exhibition, to avoid blindness.

Another is the situation of the exhibition, such as: the target market of the exhibition; the scale of the exhibition; the organizational ability of the organizer of the exhibition (which can be inspected from the aspects of exhibition, group exhibition and exhibition platform construction); the history and influence of the exhibition; the location of the exhibition (city, exhibition design hall); the cost situation;

Combine the two aspects and make the most correct decision.

2. Do a good job of pre-conference activities: such as selecting and training exhibitors, advertising, invitation of merchants, collection of exhibits, customs declaration and transportation, etc.

3. Do a good job of activities in the meeting: such as booth, booth layout, product display, demonstration, trade negotiations, organization of transactions, new product launches, distributors'annual meeting, etc.

4. Do a good job of post-conference activities, such as making a good summary, evaluating the effect, organizing subsequent trade, and studying the direction of the next exhibition.

Tips for exhibition hall design: Most exhibitors publish exhibition journals after holding exhibitions. It is a supplementary and supporting measure for exhibitions. The effect of exhibitions can not be neglected by further expanding the effect of exhibitions through paper media.

Exhibition hall design

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