Domestic Auto Show VS Foreign Auto Show

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How to arrange the automobile exhibition hall? This is a problem many car dealers will encounter. Usually, car dealers rely on their own experience to do it, and the results are often unsatisfactory.

Next, let's get to know the main points of automobile dealers'layout and exhibition:

I. Overall Planning

The area of professional automobile exhibition halls abroad is much smaller than that in our country. On the whole, we pay special attention to three aspects: brightness, function and personality.

In foreign countries, each automobile exhibition hall has its own tour route. The sample car at the door is to see the appearance, and it can be touched inside. Customers can carefully understand the characteristics of the car, and then there is a detailed introduction of this type of car, including the information provided by the factory and media comments.

Foreign lecturers believe that the larger the exhibition hall area, the easier the function will be diluted. The exhibition hall has a large area, and the route is easy to be confused. If customers wander freely, the effect will be greatly discounted if they also visit it once. Sales consultants in the large exhibition hall often pay attention to one thing or the other, and it is difficult for each customer to provide accompanying introduction.

Some distributors are prone to make a mistake. Turn off the lights when there are no customers. The lighting in the large exhibition hall is not good. Of course, the image is not so good. This is a big taboo.

II. Display of Exhibition Vehicles

Sample car can not be placed at will, the demonstration of the model car is professional, especially taboo to display different brands of different models of cars side by side, this messy mess will make customers lack of security.

According to foreign standards, there must be three exhibition cars not far from the entrance, showing the side, front and rear faces of the car respectively. If it is a model with exquisite profile, such as Passat, the model car with side display should be arranged in front of the door, and a special display platform should be built to impress customers as deeply as possible. Similarly, if the front face of the car is beautiful, it should also be placed on the main showroom. Every showroom should have a main exhibition stand, but when facing the front and back of the showroom, do not face the front door, it should be slightly sideways, otherwise it is rather rigid.

Generally, the distance between two sample workshops is between 3 and 4 doors. Vehicle spacing and car grade also have a relationship, the distance between family cars can be a little closer, giving people the feeling of automobile supermarket. With the increase of car prices, the distance between them should be more and more open, to the level of BMW Mercedes-Benz, it is enough to put a few less pressure arrays.

III. Lighting Application

In the light application of the main exhibition stand, if you want to highlight the streamline effect of this type of car, the exhibition hall should make full use of side light source rather than projection light source.

Foreign lecturers especially pointed out that the lighting effect of several major automobile exhibition halls in China was not very good, and that the business negotiation tables in some large exhibition halls were too far away from the exhibition cars.

IIII. Exhibitor Staff Location Planning

According to foreign exhibition theory, salesmen work at the edge of the exhibition area in order to contact customers as much as possible. The position of manager and supervisor is in the background, but the vision must be wide, and the trend in the exhibition hall can be grasped at any time, and emergency events can be dealt with in time. The head office is more demanding and should be able to view the whole exhibition hall at any time.

The closer the prototype is to the customer, the better it is to be visible from the head. Some of the exhibition halls placed several pots of greening between the negotiation table and the prototype car, which seriously blocked the view. Obviously, it is not wise. In addition, most of the domestic automobile exhibition halls are inaccurately located in the workshops of employees.

In comparison, domestic automobile exhibition halls often do not pay attention to the renewal of flags and decorations inside and outside the exhibition hall, the neatness of doorway floors, and the messy lunch boxes and documents on some open-style employees'desks, which should be improved.

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